About us

Lumex provides ultra high performance industrial OCR and is an R&D driven company focused on developing and commercializing innovative Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies.  Lumex seeks to provide OCR solutions for the rising demand for accurate and searchable digital text.

Today OCR can only be applied successfully to high quality images, even though OCR technology has been around for more than 40 years.  Our OCR technology has been developed to face up to the challenges posed by the full spectrum of conditions found in images ranging from historical collections of newspapers and archival records, to complex modern material and also license and registration plates on vehicles.

If you are challenged by images of low quality and/or standard OCR provides you with unsatisfactory results, Lumex can provide you with improved solutions.  Lumex serves customers in different professional markets by providing an accuracy extension software solution that delivers significant improvements:

  • Reduced cost of digitization
  • High accuracy interpretation
  • Fully searchable digital images

Lumex creates value for customers by making the OCR processes more precise and versatile.

bokerWhile Lumex AS focuses on the further development and improvement of the OCR technology in itself, its subsidiaries target specific business areas with tailor made applications:

Lumex Heritage Solutions enables access to our common cultural heritage, by making content in different libraries and archives around the world more available to the public as well as the academic and research world.

Lumex Traffic Solutions improves accuracy in the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software market.

Lumex’s business model is based on operating independently as well as through partners, with an established base of customers that need improved OCR performance.

Since the Lumex patent portfolio has exceptionally broad technical applicability, licensing of patents is part of Lumex business model and partner strategy.  Additionally Lumex also offers selected partners regional or business field exclusivity for a certain period.

Lumex in the media and awards
  • The Norwegian Research Council describes LUMEX’ EUREKA and Norwegian Research Council Eurostars award and its successful participation in Europe Investor Forums ( Link to article )
  • Lumex award winner at Alpine High-Tech Venture forum in Lausanne in 2015 ( Link list of award winners )
  • Lumex was awarded grant by the European Venture Contest in 2015, run by Startup Europe and the European Commision. ( Link to list of previous winners )
  • Lumex was one of 25 finalists and ICT award winner at the European Venture Summit 2015 ( Link to article )
  • LUMEX development partner German company Skilja describing LUMEX/Skilja OCR technology in blog. ( Link to article )